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1 » Sandra from Vernon, B.C. Canada
Hi Erkki ~ I just finished reading your book. Loved it and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to read about someone who has lived life to the fullest! Very inspirational! You\'re an artist!

2 » David Ife from Lewes, Sussex, England
Hi Eric. How are you? It\'s been a long time since I met you and accompanied you on several trips while you were patrolling for the DFO in Port Hardy! I was going through some of my things and came upon one of your cards (paintings) & thought I\'d see if I could trace you. I have thought of you from time to time over the years, and always remembered how close we were in DaNang but never met. Then, as if by Divine guidance, met in Port Hardy!!! I see you\'ve moved back to the states. Is that true? Glad to see you\'re still active in ministry. Praise the Lord! Talk more later. God bless, Dave.

3 » Riitta Sorvoja from Turku, Finland

4 » Tim Griffin from Chilliwack, B.C. Canada
Nice to make contact again Erkki. Looks like ypu live a good life,you deserve it.I would like to see Texas Ill let you know if I get the chance.

5 » Jarkko Lahtinen from Turku, Finland
Greetings from Turku! Nice art you\'ve made :) -Jarkko

6 » Tuuli Ranta from Helsinki, Finland
Wow such amazing work, so beautiful! Do you still remember me? You sat next to me on a plane from Helsinki to Amsterdam. Unfortunately I can\'t post pictures from South Africa to this site, but I\'ll mail some to you like I promised if you throw me a mail first! Btw, this is my travel blog:

7 » craig hunt from up state ny
Dear Sir I have modeling tanks/armor all my life.i just finished an Ontos,and recently found your web sight doing research.very nice to meet you my friend.god bless you for your bravery&nice work on the painting.Please let me know if you would like a picture of the ontos i built. kind regards. Craig

8 » Nicholas Pylypowycz from San Diego,Ca.
I was with India 3/7 weapons plt.I got to Nam on Dec. of 1968.I was known as poppy.Your photos bring back a lot of memories and at times wish I was back with all my brothers.

9 » Jerry Dumont from Hudson, NH
It\'s been a long time, \Dreams Of Glory

10 » Carey Simpson from Surrey, BC
I like the prints of the Ocean Sunset. My wifes grandfather sold the boat 5 or so years ago and seeing the prints brings back some good memories.
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